What are we deciding this November?

Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020

What are we choosing in November?

  • 4 City Council Members (out of 7)

  • 3 School Board Members (out of 5)

  • Ballot initiatives and referendums (to be announced after August 3rd)

Who will be on City Council after January?

City Council has 7 members, each of whom serve 4-year terms (at most, twice in a row).

There are currently 3 members who will stay on Council until 2022.

  • Tom Dubois

  • Eric Filseth

  • Alison Cormack

Our votes this November will decide which 4 Council members join them in January 2021.

Wait, what about the Mayor? The Mayor (and Vice-Mayor) are just City Council members. They are elected each January by the Council. The Mayor cannot veto Council decisions — their vote is equivalent to that of any other Council member.

How To Vote

  1. Make sure that you're registered to vote.

You can register online. You can even pre-register if you're still 16 or 17 years old.

Register before October 18, 2020. To avoid any surprises (lost mail, database issues), don't procrastinate!

If you're already registered to vote, make sure that you're registered at the correct address.

2. Receive your mail-in ballot.

Nothing to do here!

Thanks to Executive Order N-64-20, just make sure you're registered on time with your Palo Alto address, and you'll get a mail-in ballot!

3. Fill out the ballot correctly.

Take your time, follow the instructions on your ballot to fill it out correctly.

4. Sign your ballot! Sign your ballot!

It's very important that you sign your ballot for it to be counted.

5. Mail in your ballot, or drop it off.

You can follow the instructions on your ballot to mail your completed ballot back to the Elections Officer for counting. Make sure to do this well before the deadline to account for any potential delays in the postal system.

If you are not confident that your ballot will make it on time by mail, you can drop it off at certain collection sites. We will update this page when the locations are announced. (Last year, there were collection boxes at City Hall.)

Have more questions? Please share them with us!